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Thick Heavyweight and Extra Soft Lambswool Bed Blanket

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Heavyweight wool blanket made of 100% very fine lambswool in natural white/cream colour.
No dyeing - just pure wool. Weaving with two shuttles, using a thinner thread and cotton as warp makes this blanket extra solid. The higher quality weave with finer knots adds warmth and durability, while the light brush on either sides makes it even smoother and softer.

The blanket is really soft, warm, with pleasant natural creamy white colour, and is ideal as a bed blanket but it's also suitable for outdoor use. It will keep you cozy wherever your adventures take you, even if that's just in front of your fireplace. Throw one in your car for emergencies or throw one on the end of your bed for those extra cold nights.
It weighs 2.2 lbs, with a density of 600 GSM.


Size 100 x 150 cm | 40" x 60"
150 x 200 cm | 59" x 79"
Material 100% Virgin Lambswool
Softness Soft

For easier orientation the fineness of each blanket is indicated by one of our two grades: "classic" and "soft"


Classic blankets are generally made from Sheep's wool, and will find their role outdoors and indoors. The softer sensation is achieved by combing out the surface so the blanket feels, considering the wool, relatively soft. These are the warmest blankets in our collection - great for camping... or you could just throw one on your bed for those extra cold nights! Some touch – sensitive individuals may find them itchy on bare skin.


Soft blankets are made exclusively from merino wool, eventually from the mix of merino and classic woollen thread like lambswool. They feel like cotton so are a straightforward option for everyone who is somehow sensitive to wool. We offer a range of merino blankets in various weights, from lightweight throws, to our favourite Dulcey blanket - tick, dense, and so soft, made from 25-micron merino wool.

Design Plain weave, finished with overlock blanket stitch
Colour Unbleached & undyed creamy natural white
Weight 1.560kg | 2.2 lbs - 600g/m2