Collection of 100% pure virgin merino wool throws & new wool heavyweight blankets, designed in Ireland and sustainably woven on semi-automatic looms in the glorious Rhodope Mountains of south-central Bulgaria.

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Our Wool

Our sheep wool is locally sourced from a small and independent wool grower, and it is fully traceable.

From the skirting to the carding and the spinning, all is done in our mill.

The wool is not bleached with hydrogen peroxide, not chlorine treated, and not carbonised with sulphuric acid. Pure soap and hard work, that's all it is! The chosen method of processing is much heavier but it ensures high quality and is environment friendly.

  • Natural

    Wool is environmentally positive fibre choice as being 100% natural

  • Biodegradable

    When a natural wool fibre is disposed of it takes only a few years to decompose

  • Renewable

    Every year sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a renewable fibre source

  • Eco-friendly

    Wool cloth uses less water and energy to make than cotton and synthetics